We are very proud to introduce you to a very innovative, exciting, original concept called Kidsplosion, a full service entertainment company for ALL youth.

For years, the Disney Empire has been entertaining children, but many of the characters and ideas from Disney are not relatable in the urban and global community. Because there are few positive outlets and role models for this demographic, our children often become victim to leading statistics in teen pregnancy, drugs, and incarceration. Kidsplosion was created to offer youngsters something POSITIVE to do as an alternative to the frequent negative alternatives.

Our goal at Kidsplosion is to soon offer positive television programming, and several other options much like Disney. We realize that a television network as powerful as Disney will not happen overnight so we have created a full proof way to first build a large society of children, adding one member at a time.

The Kidsplosion Empire has begun with Kidsplosion Nation, our 501c3 nonprofit organization offering affordable ($25) yearly memberships where members have their own
events, which all members can attend for free, summer camps, sports teams, etc. just for
them. A Kidsplosion Nation membership also provides a much needed brother and sisterhood, much like a college fraternity or sorority. In addition to the family environment, all members also have access to our state of the art, electrifying web community where members can post messages, add friends, play games, and watch videos from our Kidsplosion events!

While we are building this empire, we constantly nurse new talent. Our goal is to give YOUR child/teen opportunities to express themselves with their gifts throughout their year membership. Whatever the child or teen is good at; we provide opportunities to showcase them. Because we are an entire society for kids, we need everybody: artists, dancers, speakers, singers, writers, poets, etc. Soon, Kidsplosion will have our own child celebrities, music artists, and athletes. We will be able to demand our own TV network, retail stores, amusement parks, etc.

Kidsplosion is a powerful movement that will sweep this country within months! Currently, we are based out of Atlanta, GA, with plans to expand nationally and soon globally!

If you’re interested in bringing Kidsplosion to a location near you, don’t hesitate to send us an email at